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Do Good - Turn intention into action.

Do Good is interested in the world and the inspiring people who inhabit it. With a call to action, ‘Turn intention into action’, Do Good shares ways people can connect with people and projects which have a positive effect on communities.

We all have the ability to do more good and this magazine shows people ways they can ‘do good daily, locally or globally’ and better their community or connect with international humanitarian project.

Created by: Tsari Paxton, Atika Fraval and Libby Hutton

*UNITE / U.Clique*

*UNITE / U.Clique* is a lifestyle magazine run by Melbourne metropolitan university students. It is a cross campus magazine which seeks to promote the talent and work of students and to create a common dialogue amongst students which allows for networking and information building. From cover to back, the content is made by students, for students, to allow for an authentic voic, that exhibits a sense of community. It aims to entertain, educate and engage.

Brand statement (Chinese Group)


The Kite is a Chinese language magazine that (would) circulate in Melbourne urban area via Chinese bookshops, travel agencies and shopping malls.

The aim of our magazine is to build a platform for Chinese communities and new arrivals in Melbourne to communicate;

Also to offer the immediate, convenient and helpful information and assistance for the readers;

This magazine mainly refers to four sections: Life in Melbourne (cross-cultural activities, social life); Education (Q&A forum for new students); Map out the future (temporary work or immigration information); Eat, pray and love (fun spot, entertainment). Additionally, the magazine will combine advertisements which provide by our sponsors.


New arrivals (students, visitors)

Independent facilitators (potential ads sponsors)

Chinese-background permanent residents


In the four sections, the magazine would cover useful, popular and well-edited content about urban entertainment, education assistance and immigration information. Compare to the existing Chinese language in Melbourne, our branding statement would offer more exquisite content as a quality lifestyle magazine.

Brand Statement

Oomph activ’ is an upbeat, vibrant, health and fitness focused magazine for kids. We promote healthy eating and an active lifestyle through trends, recipes, profiles of sports people and competitions! We want the kids of tomorrow to be reinvigorated by oomph activ by eating well and getting fit. Our editorial team are just big kids at heart! 

By Sophie Loughran, Courtney Watts and Jessica Box

Mamamia →

Mamamia is an interesting example of a purely online magazine, primarily for women, run by print media columnist Mia Freedman:

"On Mamamia everything is up for discussion  – from pop culture, politics, body image, food, motherhood, feminism to fashion and celebrity. We like to have a laugh AND a cry. We’re smart but not precious. Interested and interesting.  We have a community of  tens of thousands of people who are actively engaged and articulate. Just like a real life discussion with a group of women, you never know where the conversation will go. You also never know what’s going to be published on Mamamia on any given day. Serendipity is key."

land of mags →

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